fishing head fen reservoir

Exclusively available to Head Fen Country Retreat residents

Fishing Head Fen reservoir is exclusively available to Head Fen Country Retreat residents. This lake holds our best specimen fish, which includes a very good head of 20lbs+ carp with the record currently sat at 33lbs. Our Cathedral Lodges are located right by the Reservoir and residents enjoy fishing straight from their decking. The Head Fen Country Retreat complex comprises ten luxury lodges all with hot tubs accommodating two to six people, and one cottage suitable for families of up to six guests. The fishing caters to both novices and advanced anglers with a good mix of common and mirror carp in the four lakes as well as bream, tench, roach, chub and rainbow trout.

fishing head fen reservoir aerial view of fishing lakes at head fen
fishing head fen reservoir - rainbow trout
specimen fish caught on head fen reservoir
fishing head fen reservoir - trout fishing cambridgeshire

Resident fishing tickets

common carp

Fishing Head Fen reservoir – residents at Head Fen Country Retreat have the option of buying a discounted ticket for their whole stay , at £35 per person per stay. You can of course buy a single day ticket if you only want to fish for one day.

Yearly Membership

We offer a yearly membership for regular anglers. Please get in touch with the office for further details and pricing.

Head Fen Lakes Gallery

angling rules

  • 5mph speed limit on the fishery at all times
  • All 4 lakes are strictly catch and release only, any fisherman removing fish to other lakes or from the premises will be banned
  • Fishing tickets must be purchased before the day of arrival via Head Fen Country retreat’s Reception Team on 07971 574375 or 07502 393286, anyone caught without a ticket will either be charged double or banned from site.
  • All anglers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Fishing from designated platforms only
  • No keepnets, no fixed rigs, no lead core and no braid line
  • No Floating Baits, no live baits, no dead baits, no dog or cat meat, no nuts are to be used
  • Must have at least 12 inches between float and hook
  • Periodic checks of rigs and equipment will take place to ensure the safety of our fish
  • Barbless hooks only up to max size of 10 (10-4 normally), no micro barbed hooks
  • If fishing for larger Carp then extra strong hooks must be used
  • No fixed or bolt rigs, No braid of any sort, No free lining
  • Only free running in-line method feeders permitted
  • Boilies can only be used as hook bait / NO Loose feeding boilies
  • Maximum 2kg of ground bait
  • Maximum 2 rods per angler
  • Size 8-4 hooks on the reservoir only
  • Minimum 15lb line to be used on the reservoir only
  • Rod’s must not be left unattended, no running and disturbing other fishermen
  • No abuse to fish is tolerated, no striking hard and not playing the fish in the correct manner and causing physical damage. Fish care kits must be used
  • Every fish must be landed using a landing net and placed over the unhooking mat/cradle
  • All photos of fish must be taken leaning over an unhooking mat, not held up high
  • Any dead or distressed fish must be reported to reception immediately
  • Fish must not be passed around and only photographed in the swim they are caught from
  • No unwanted bait to be put in lake after fishing.
  • Litter to be taken home and not left around fishery
  • Dawn to dusk fishing only – No night fishing allowed
  • No vehicles are allowed on any grass areas and must be parked considerately in spaces provided
  • No fires or barbecues around the lakes
  • No Drones

Headfen fishery reserves the right to change permitted baits if necessary in interest of fish and fishery